SLCC Cooperative meeting

DSC_0597 Sierra Leone Chesterton Center

Today, 6th August, we had a big SLCC Cooperative meeting, attended by members of our Board and over 50 epresentatives of our cooperatives.
I thought I should share with you what a marvelous day it was. Not least because the meeting itself was a great success, but something beyond my imagination happened. It is all about perspectives!!

While I was showing the group some footages of my visit to you in Italy, an argument started between some members of our cooperatives. Our cooperatives who are all from small villages in Kono district are mostly illiterate. I stopped the presentation and decided to find out what was causing the murmuring behind me.  Now this was the cause: Those of us on the platform (Marco, me, my interpreter, Aidian, Fr. Spencer and others)  were perceived as being in a big party with the images in the Pier Giorgio Frassati celebration picture (the picture with people full in a boat with GK Chesterton and others standing right across). I had a big job explaining that  the picture with GKC and the others was just a background material while those of us
seating on the front row were real people, still alive. They could not distinguish between the real people in the front row and the background picture where Chesterton and others are.  This just shows how simple people can see things better than some of us the so-called ‘educated’. They felt transfixed and connected to an era far beyond their shores.

Sierra Leone Chesterton Center Sierra Leone Chesterton Center Sierra Leone Chesterton Center


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