Sierra Leone is a small country in West Africa bordered only by the Atlantic Ocean in the west, Guinea and Liberia in the north, east and south. Has a population of roughly six million people of which 65% are women and youth and lives in rural communities.

We are in community re-organization and working with farmer cooperatives in rural communities.

We envisage a vibrant Sierra Leonean society where the social and economic rights of rural women and youth are promoted and through fair redistribution of resources , people in rural communities are able to perform their roles and responsibilities through sustainable livelihood activities.

Our work is focused on:
Building social capital through the formation of community structures such as farmer cooperatives and village development committees (VDCs)
We support the implementation of Small-Scale Agricultural Initiatives (SSAI) among poor rural families
We mobilize technical and professional inputs to support economic growth in poor communities
We build durable links between communities, government, civil society organizations and the private sector (market)
We monitor development policies and the redistribution of wealth accrued from the country’s vast natural resources
We build community capacity to demand better services

The idea of the SLCC was first conceived in 2002 by a small group of Sierra Leonean students then studying at the University of Oxford in the U.K. Our vision is informed by G.K. Chesterton’s ideas of ‘distributism’ and the importance of the ‘rural economy’ and the ‘family’. The unshakable encouragement from Aidan Mackey and Stratford Caldecott provided much needed inspiration.

1.Agriculture and livelihoods diversification: we support Small-Scale Agricultural Initiatives (SSAIs) and the building of farmer cooperatives
2.Women and youth development: entrepreneurial development, vocational and non-formal education
3.Environmental remediation: we support the reclamation of mined-out lands in mining communities
4.Research, documentation & monitoring: we research and monitor the management and redistribution of natural resources

Used Equipment
Capacity building
Your prayers


 John Kanu

Programme Director

Tel:     (+232) (0) 76 654265


 Aidan Mackey, Chesterton Society, UK.


Marco Sermarini, Chesterton Society, IT.


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