Our Governance

SLCC activities are directed by the Programme Director and overseen by a District Board Agricultural cooperatives and community development committees (VDCs) also have their management and decision-making structures at community level We encourage the hosting of AGMs at the end of every year to evaluate our work, progress & challenges

Our Origins

We are a community-based organization, registered in Sierra Leone: (registration Number: CBO/SL/476-WA749) The idea of the SLCC was first conceived in 2002 by a small group of Sierra Leonean students then studying at the University of Oxford in the U.K. Our vision is informed by G.K. Chesterton’s ideas of ‘distributism’ and the importance of the…

Our Vision

We envisage a vibrant Sierra Leonean society where the social and economic rights of rural women and youth are promoted and through fair redistribution of resources , people in rural communities are able to perform their roles and responsibilities through sustainable livelihood activities.

The Sierra Leone Chesterton Center (SLCC)

An organization for Social and Economic Transformation in Rural Communities through distibutism. OUR PROGRAMMES: Agriculture and livelihoods diversification: support Small-Scale Agriculture Initiatives (SSAIs) and building farmer cooperatives Environmental remediation: support the reclamation of mined-out lands in mining communities Women and youth development: entrepreneurial development, vocational and non-formal education Research, documentation & monitoring the management and…